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"E nānā ana anei ʻoukou i ka hoʻokūkū kahului?"

Translation:Are you folks going to watch the championship game?

August 13, 2019



why was "all of you" marked wrong for 'oukou


That's what I put as well - and came here to ask that question. Hope you get a response!


Maybe next time I'll try "y'all"


Okay the dropdown menu gives the examples of the Hawaiian for ‘oukou - "you folks," "you guys," and "you." I chose "you" - WHAT WAS THE CLUE I MISSED that made "you folks" not only the preferred translation, but also the (apparently) only acceptable translation?


My bad there. "You" should be accepted soon for this exercise.


Could "'oe" be used here for "you"?


If the sentence given has just "you" then "ʻoe" should be fine, since the meaning of "you" in English is ambiguous in that it can refer to one person or multiple people. However, if the sentence given has "you folks" then use "ʻoukou", because "you folks" is describing more than one person.

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