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  5. "Yes, she is the coach."

"Yes, she is the coach."

Translation:ʻAe, ʻo ia nō ke kaʻi.

August 13, 2019



Why, all of a sudden, is this sentence in English word order instead of "‘Ae, he ka‘i ‘o ia,"?


<'Ae, 'o ke ka'i 'o ia> would translate this sentence is a grammatically correct manner.

However, <'Ae, he ka'i 'o ia> would be "she is a coach", which is not what we are going for here. Aloha!


(I do not have a kahako on my android keyboard. Sorry).

Adding the no sounds like a correct and ordinary style of speech for its message, but I think this is the first time we have seen it.

To me, this is an interesting one. There are many places where a given prompt is similar to "She is the coach." The DL translation here feels like "Yes, she is indeed the coach," as if to put an emphasis on the fact. That is where no has been added. And the prompt starts with "Yes" as if answering a question. The "yes" has put a nuanced twist on the thing.

Imagining a simple dialog:
• "Isn't she the coach?"
° "Yes, she is the coach." Or,
° "Yes, she is indeed the coach."

° 'Ae, 'oi ia no ke ka'i.*

When the affirmative is placed in front, the emphasis no (indeed) feels natural.


Okay that makes sense - makes it sound less arbitrary to insert the "no" ("indeed"). Mahalo nui no kou mana'o.


I wrote ‘O ia nō ke ka’i. without ‘Ae because native speakers in the Clinton Kanahele Collection frequently respond affirmatively to a question by repeating part of the question and without the word ‘Ae. DL’s response to my answer was You have a typo. And it gave this as guidance: 'oe ʻa io ke kaʻi (with 'oe 'a io underlined). That looks like a misspelled version of this correct answer: ‘O ia ‘i’o ke ka’i.


Yeah, and I think the addition of in your suggested translation also implies that it is an affirmative answer. It also made me want to remove <'ae>.


Why is it incorrect to put ʻo ia at the end?


As in 'Ae, 'o ke ka'i 'o ia ?
"The coach is she."
Sure, why not. 'A'ole pilikia.

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