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I had a dream in Irish.

I am from Ireland and I've been learning Irish for a year now, so far so good I'm starting to pick up the language (like become more fluent) because I'm focusing more on spoken Irish. The other night I had a dream that i was speaking in Irish basically people were having a conversation with me in Irish and funny enough I could understand most of the things they were saying, it was my first dream in Irish and I don't know the meaning of it, if it's good or bad so would anyone know..?

August 14, 2019



Congratulations! Dreaming in the language you're learning means you've been practicing a lot and your brain is getting used the language. For lots of people (myself included), dreaming in their target language is one of their goals.


GRMA!!/Thank you for telling me, I'm happy to hear this. I gave you a lingot by the way


Maith! I would've been super confused and then woke up out of surprise, haha. Hopefully, my Irish will be that good someday! Slàn!


i've dreamed in Irish some, but not since my first few months learning :( around that same time, my then-partner told me i was speaking Irish in my sleep (awesome.)

i also have a habit of listening to RnaG (radio) on low volume while i sleep, so it can just absorb into my resting brain XD


When I was studying Pimsleur I would get these vivid adventure dreams, like an Avengers film. Only after regularly watching TG4 did I start dreaming as Gaeilge. Nothing earth shattering---the same random dream convos. And very simple conversations--about my level. Tho I remember a bit where I didn't understand...I could not tell you if it was real Irish I didn't know yet, or my brain making up what sounded like real Irish.... Oddly it doesn't happen as much now.


I'm just confused about the parts you didn't understand

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