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  5. "هُناك مَطَر ثَقيل."

"هُناك مَطَر ثَقيل."

Translation:There is heavy rain.

August 14, 2019



There is A heavy rain, was not accepted. When the indefinite article "a" is used and when not?

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Actually your answer should be right. The sentence in Arabic is not defined already.


Do they actually say 'heavy rain' or is it just a calque from English?

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Yeah in some dialects they use heavy for lot of rain. However, this is not proper Arabic. Too much rain is called غزير (ğazír).


Thanks for noting this point, TJ_Q8. A book I have--Arabic vs Arabic. A Dialect Sampler (Matthew Aldrich; Lingualism 2008, p. 121)--only has this specific word مَطَر in relation to Bahraini. For MSA, the book lists انها تمطر for "it's raining." Clearly DL Arabic uses ad hoc dialectical vocabulary.

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