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welsh is awesome

I love learning welsh it's so fun you should try it

August 14, 2019



Same. I love learning it. It's hard to pronounce a lot of it, but that makes it even more fun


I've only done a bit of Welsh so far but I'd also recommend it. Also, this post was in the Welsh section of the forum, so people are only going to see this if they are already learning Welsh. I'd recommend reposting this to the Duolingo (English) part of the forum instead in order for this to have maximum impact.


hey guys! you should try tinycards it's awesome! go down to the bottom of the language you are learning and click help the scroll down till you find the word tinycards and click on "what is tinycards"then there should be something were if you run your mouse over it it will light up. then figure it out your self .hope'll like it.


I couldn't agree more. Didn't follow it up in my youth as I had career stuff to do. Now I am doing it out of love....Thank you


Same, I went to university in Bangor but didn't really learn it. Now I'm catching up out of love and looking forward to using it next time I go there to meet old friends.

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