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  5. "Is Lama a new engineer?"

"Is Lama a new engineer?"

Translation:هَل لَمى مُهَنْدِسة جَديدة؟

August 14, 2019



Arabic writing too small. I need rules order of characters. But definitely larger writing. Also some sounds are different than when first learning. Pronunciation guide as other writing sounds are added and how it changes would benefit my learning. I'm getting confused.


I agree. Script far too small & I've said so repeatedly but Duo takes no notice of me or anyone else. Impossible to see the diacritics, so often guess the wrong answer. Also, you are absolutely right about the pronunciation; it sometimes changes from one question to the very next one. It's a pity there is no pronunciation practice. I do know the alphabet and the way the letters join. I expect you can find that somewhere online.


where's the m in Lama


The little circle in the middle


Depending on your font, it may "disappear" in this letter combination.


But why is the name transcribed into English as Lama, and not Lamaa? We were told the new, squiggly letter was just a variation for alif, which is long, no?


Because names do not get transcribed as they are written. They have traditional ways of being written, even if it doesn't match.


Script far to small, so true.

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