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  5. "They boxed on the weekend."

"They boxed on the weekend."

Translation:Ua mokomoko lāua i ka hopena pule.

August 14, 2019




Hope and na for ana. The ending; the bringing to a close.



I had to look up all the meanings of these 3 verbs, and found nothing remotely close to "boxing" so with a one-out-of the chance, I got it wrong. But the translation i found for "mokomoko" was "lizard" - so I discarded that one immediately. Can someone please kokua mai? What's the connection there? Do lizards box?


Aloha e @BethKing-M , I am not sure what sources you were using, but mokomoko translates to hand-to-hand sporting/boxing that is intended as a pastime/sport. I am not sure if there is a connection to Moʻo (extended Polynesian MOKO) here... I do not have any manaʻo on that one haha. What were the 3 verbs you were mentioning btw? Trying to figure out how to help ^_^; For Hawaiian --> English dictionary translation. Wehewehe.org or Manomano.io would be the best electronic resources in my opinion.


The three verbs were the choices on the page with the sentence. The source of the "Lizard" was a (clearly inadequate) Hawaiian/English translator app. Definitely going to schlep my Pukui Elbert with me from now on. It's heavier, but WAY more accurate than ANY of the apps I've tried. And yeah, P-E says Hand-to-hand sporting. Mahalo nui no kokua!


Ahhh, I see. Yes, that is a good idea haha. Just so you know, both of the websites I provided source [PE] as well as the Māmaka Kaiao (modern vocab) in case you need some sort of electronic method instead of carrying the physical copy


Why is 'oukou not accepted instead of lāua? It just says "they" with no indication of how many constitutes "they".


Do you mean lākou? Because ʻoukou would be "you" rather than "they."


I was marked wrong, but the correction matches what I submitted word for word and even with correct accents.

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