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  5. "Ini tidak termasuk di sini."

"Ini tidak termasuk di sini."

Translation:This is not included here.

August 15, 2019



Why is "This does not belong here." not accepted? Termasuk means included or belong, right? Thanks.


Yes, I agree it is an odd English sentence and likely grammatically flawed. I think I just got discouraged when,my answer was not correct. Oh well. Also agree with you on the the "Di dalam" within/inside of..... Saya harus terus menerus belajar dengan keras supaya saya bisa menjadi lebih akurat sih! Thanks for your comments, they are well received...Julius


Well...I think the Indonesian sentence is a little bit too abstract/too general.
If it's meant to introduce the word "termasuk" ('including'), maybe something like this :

"Harga ini tidak termasuk sarapan."
"This price does not include breakfast."

"Jumlah ini tidak termasuk ongkos minggu lalu."
"This total does not include last week's expenses."


How can "This is not included in here" be wrong?


Why do you need the preposition "in" ?


You do not necessarily need it, but I think that it is also correct to use it as a phrasal verb form. I believe that the phrasal verb form "included in" is substantially the same as "included" without the preposition, much the same as "tear up" is substantially equivalent to "tear", or "write down" is to "Write" or "Hurry up" is to "Hurry". Sebaliknya, menurut saya, frasa "Ini tidak termasuk di sini" bisa diterjemahkan di Bahasa Ingrris baik "This is not included here" baik "This is not included in here". What do you think?


I don't think it's a phrasal verb like the other examples that you mention.


Ok, I can see that, but I am interested how you would say "It is not included in here" in Bahasa Indonesia?


I think it's a strange English sentence, I doubt if it's grammatically correct.

edit :

maybe something like :
"di dalam sini"

"di dalam" = inside


This does not belong here - wouldn't that be correct also?


Odd bahasa sentence

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