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Word for "young"?

I'm trying to translate the epithet "the Young Wolf" into Valyrian, but I can't find an actual word for "young." Has anyone seen a word for it, or know how I might be able to sort of jury-rig one?

August 15, 2019



AFAIK, the word for "young" isn't known. I know from others in the fandom that David Peterson has replied to people before and answered their questions about not yet known words/phrases, so you could try contacting him and seeing if he'll give you an answer. Twitter, maybe? (I don't use Twitter, so I have no clue where he might be likely to respond, sorry!)


That's a good idea, thanks! I don't have a Twitter either, but I might be able to get a friend to do it for me.


If you don't get a reply from the creator of the language himself the closest would be to use the word for new "arlie". This conflation of meanings happens in many languages, so it could be possible.


Thanks, that's a good point! I messed around on the Dothraki wiki and tried making up a word (riñenka, using the word for "child" and then the "-enka" derivational affix, so literally child-like), but the "arlie" usage makes a lot of sense.


Hmm yes. Seems an odd one to leave out, given the number of times it is referenced in GoT by Tywin Lannister of Rob Stark.


lets just sujjest new word or word combination

lets build around : "miba" when its short and byke -small and there was word for childrens and siblings. Tresy - son

tresar - all kids? Nakostoba- weak

we can just use word combinations like in old church slavonic miba se nekostoba - young

or we just can build words for real :) without permission. if we want this language to be alive, why not play with it.

and we have kind of "young" in wordbase - haedar = younger sister qybor -younger brother = qybranna - child of young bro. do we have anywhere written that anna ending is child? but theres a lot of these! :D

sīmonagon - grow size ūbremagon - grow children ūbriljagon - grow, mature we clearly can see "agon" suffix. n - size - m - child - j - age, and ubre is for life things

my suggestions: mibolis - means young and small; mabor - not that young; ) naubre - growing?; ubri liagoba - growing but not grow up

I like lyagoba sounds. sound like children is "poking"

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