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  5. "What is new, Sarah?"

"What is new, Sarah?"

Translation:ما ٱلْأَخْبار يا سارة؟

August 15, 2019



Why is it definite? I don't understand. Can someone explain please.


İ think because you are asking about a specific thing.... However, there is a big chance that there is a more deep complicated explanation within arabic grammar rules... But i think it is not known for most native speakers either.... What you can be sure about the name after ما in a question should always be definite either by putting ال to it or by adding it to another definite word


The hints give الجَديدة for "new". This is apparently wrong, because duolingo doesn't accept it. So, my question is what is the difference in meaning between ٱلْأَخْبار (the correct answer) and الجَديدة (the wrong answer)?


الاخبار Means "A single news"

الجدید Means "very new/ the new (thing)"

Duolingo is unable yet to describe الاخبار as news, means to say "a single news". So it described it as "new".

And as for hint "new" stands for "الجدید".


I'm not sure when it should be ٱلْأَخْبار and when just أَخْبار...


This sentence should just be taken out, causes more confusion to everybody here than it teaches.


In egyptian arabic this would be understood as asking "whats the news". Not what is new. ..


I belive Duo made a mistake here. "s" is needed after the word "new" to get the answer correctly. I took a guess before I got the answer correctly


Doulingo has a typo in the English translation. "أخبار" means "news", instead of "new".


Hints options are not helpful. Answer that's accepted are not offered or given as an option. Learners have to guess. Please help.

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