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  5. "New York is a weird city."

"New York is a weird city."

Translation:نْيويورْك مَدينة غَريبة.

August 15, 2019



If i have to use weird one more time.....


I feel im being indoctrinated.....New York is a weird city twice but this university is important....

Duo you have to stop using weird...it's very rude, insulting, it's not a word english speaking use in polite company unless they are being derogatory ... and no professional teacher would use it in a beginner's course!


There's nothing impolite about the word "weird" itself and it's only derogatory if it's chosen to be interpreted as such. Learning the word itself and seeing how it can be used in a sentence is by no means insulting nor rude and neither is Duo trying to say anything negative here; many courses here have "silly" sentences. As for "professional teachers" - which Duolingo is not - well, why would they elect not to teach new vocabulary through repetition? And if not at the beginner's level, are you implying that it'd be taught at a higher one then?

I can state that yours is a "weird comment" but how would you be able to discern if I meant that it's simply strange or if I meant otherwise and was being derisive?


The correction is not proper

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