Skill Present-2 too large?

I have the feeling like "Present 2" is too large of a skill, or teaches too many new words.

Every time I finish a lesson, I add all the new verbs to my flashcards. But it takes a few days for me to really remember them. So during that time, I can only revisit older skills.

That whole level in the tree feels like that. Maybe that is something to keep in mind for an eventual redesign of the tree. Or is it just me?

August 15, 2019


You are right. When I first started learning Hebrew on Duolingo, three years ago, we were able to do individual lessons within one skill, so this is exactly how I learned those verbs, both in Present 1 and Present 2. There are simply too many of them and being able to do just one lesson within the skill several times in a row was a huge help.

I think when they made the Hebrew course, this is why the made it this way - because you were able to chose which lesson to do. Ever since they introduced this new way of learning on Duolingo, it's been quite challenging to pass the skills with more than 5 lessons. Hopefully, when they finish the Hebrew tree 2.0, they will make, possibly, 2-3 skills out of the one and make it easier for the learners.

On another note, I totally agree with MissSpells. Organizing the verbs by binyan was great! It makes it so much easier to follow the patters within one binyan. Even though pa'al sometimes seems like there are at least three separate binyanim, because some verbs follow the XoXeX pattern (like עובד, נותן), while others XaXeX (like גדל, ישן) or even XaX (like נח, שר). Not to mention the ones ending in ה, only changing the vowel for the feminine singular (רוצה, קונה) or ending in ח, ע that also change the vowel patterns (יודע, שולח), both for masculine and feminine singular. Putting them all in one place and mixing them all together was quite the cahallenge for me. If anybody from the Hebrew Duolingo team is reading this, please consider putting all of those verbs in different lessons. Not necessarily in a different skill, but at least put them all in one lesson. Thank you! :)

August 17, 2019

I like the way the organized the verbs by binyan. It makes it a lot easier for me to understand the pattern when they are all together. I don't really like the way how some newer courses, like the new Spanish course, break things up and make things impossible to find for review.

It does seem like an overwhelming amount of verbs all together at first, but no need to memorize them all at once. I just like to understand the general pattern and then keep reviewing. I usually review verbs the most and having all the verbs in a few dedicated skills makes it easier for me to just review them (instead of having to a bunch of theme filled skills with vocab I already know just to practice verb conjugation).

What I do hope is that if the course expands they can also break up the past tense a bit more, and have it echo the present tense skills, with each binyan having its own skill.

August 15, 2019
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