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  5. All my progress is gone


All my progress is gone

I recently updated duolingo and after the update all my progress was gone. I have to start over now. Help!

June 15, 2014



Are you the same person as rka? https://www.duolingo.com/rka , maybe you made a new account in stead of loggin in to your old one?


Nop thats definitely not me


In what language?


In german


Sorry I'm not sure how to help, maybe try contacting the Duolingo team?


Try using the support button on your left or sending an email to the Duolingo team. Also, try editing your comment so it is in the troubleshooting area.


Will do thanks!


Did you change your interface language in the process? It has this effect, but it is reversible by changing the interface language back.


How do I do that


This is only relevant if you actually changed your display language before. E.g. you previously learned English or German from Spanish, and now you are learning German from English.

Go to Home, then click on the little round flag to the right. (Not the top one with your name close to it.) You will get a selection box in which you can make selections such as "I want to learn German (I know English)" or "Quiero aprender inglés (yo sé español)". Here you can choose your interface language (= language of departure) and the language you are learning, simultaneously. Use the button on the top right to confirm, wait a few seconds until the interface has updated, and then verify that your old progress is staill waiting for you. You can switch as often as you want.

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