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Site loads really slow

Is it only me or does DuoLingo load pages a lot slower than a week ago?

April 18, 2013



This should now be fixed. Let us know if the problem persists.


Yeah, it seems to run a lot faster now. Again, thanks a lot for the fast reaction Luis! :D


I reported this problem about 2 weeks ago to the support team. And in my case, the problem persists.

I've been using Duo for French for nearly 2 months now and notice the website is getting slower and slower. I don't know if this has anything to do with my location in China or are there too many users at one time. And most recently, I have experienced a lot of occasions when I simply get stuck in the middle of practice. It just didn't move onto "Continue" after I press "Check/Enter" (or sometimes you have to wait for much longer than normal). And you cannot manually fresh the page as it goes back to the very beginning of the practice and I loose all the done parts with no skill points earned.

Another thing is that while I wait for the page to continue, it sometimes shows "facebook" or "twitter" at the top (as if I am connecting to Facebook/Twitter rather than Duo) and once the page simply stopped and showing "cannot get connected to Facebook". Why facebook/Twitter? Neither Facebook nor Twitter is accesible in China.


In my case, the problem persists.

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