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Arabic-induced Migraines...

I love learning my languages on here, and having a serious migraine condition can hinder my language learning at the best of times.....but trying to learn Arabic is seriously painful!! I can only do so much before my had starts screaming at me because I have to squint so much!

Why are the cards to clear, yet the sentences so ridiculously tiny?

I'm hoping that this is just a little glitch whilst the course is still being settled...butplease, Duolingo, fix this soon!

August 15, 2019



I use a browser extension, named Wudooh. This extension can enlarge specifically the arabic scipt. Very helpful!


I thought Wudooh didn't work for duolingo, though. Have actually you gotten this extension to work enlarging arabic text on duolingo? (If so, how? I'd love a solution to the painfully small font!)


I use Wudooh with the Chrom browser and it works fine for Duolingo. There is only a problem with words in bubbles: The bubbles get too large to display properly, one bubble separeted from the other. For me that is not a big problem. Did you try the extension and enable it to work on the site?


I haven't found a way to increase the size without the words being larger that their bubble.

In a browser I just made the whole page larger. CRTL+ until I can read it.

[deactivated user]

    If you are not using the app you might want to try that. The words are somewhat bigger.

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