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  5. "What is new, Seth?"

"What is new, Seth?"

Translation:ما ٱلْأَخْبار يا سيث؟

August 15, 2019



Is it by any chance possible to reorganize the lessons just so multiple-choice questions aren't all at the very end of the lesson all together? You see, those questions don't have a voice-over and even though I'm finishing the course now, I still sometimes forget how are separate letters pronounced and that turns into me not being able to remember the words themselves, especially the new ones I have just discovered at the beginning of the lesson. Basically, that's my problem, that I still haven't learned to read Arabic properly but still, as for me, it might make learning easier.


Agreed. However, a workaround is to open the comments and listen to the audio there.


I agree that some more repetition of new words is needed especially in the last section of the course which unexpectedly became too intense.


Why not "akhbar"?


Because "2al-2akhbar" is 2al-mubtada2 which should have ال in this case, ie. there is no مسوّغ. So, it cannot be written as only "2akhbaar".

(I am so sorry for the Arabic terms. I have found many difficulties to explain these Arabic grammar stuff in English terms).


Why can't جديدة be used?


Akhbar means news as information. New appliances/jadeed alat.


The translation should be "What is the News, Seth"


When we should say, "how are you", we say,"what's up"what it means? It's same for Arabic.


How do we know, when Duo wants "الجديد" and when "الاخبار"? The English sentence is always "What is new", maybe in the other sentence another name instead of Seth.


Literally, Khabar = news Jadiid = new. We use "what's up" in English to know about others...


ما or ماذا؟

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