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  5. "बिल्ली जानवर होती है ।"

"बिल्ली जानवर होती है "

Translation:A cat is an animal.

August 16, 2019



Why unnecessarily use "A" here "cat is an animal" is the correct sentence


You do need an article like 'a' or 'the' in English. 'Cat is an animal' (with a capital C for a proper noun Cat) would refer to a cat (presumably!) named 'Cat'.

Alternatively you could make a general statement about plural cats: 'Cats are animals'. (Which could also have the definite article 'the', but would then not be a general statement, but rather refer to a specific bunch of cats.)


I see the difference in number between the following:

बिल्ली जानवर होती है and बिल्लियां जानवर होती हैं

But why does it matter? When would I use one where the other would be improper?


They are interchangeable.

In English, we usually prefer the plural form 'Cats are animals' to make general statements but either the singular or plural form is acceptable in Hindi.


Indeed, but in this and many other cases the plural form like 'cats are animals' is not accepted. (I have reported this one.)


Indeed this does not sound like proper English to me.

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