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Nuraniya/Noorania/... letters & vowels resource

Sharing a bit of my experience from the past in hopes that others will find it as beneficial as I did...

When I began learning Arabic my first teacher gave me a used Noorania/Nuraniya/... booklet and told me to find a instructor led class on youtube that I could follow at my own pace. My real world class is for MSA but with inclusion of important dialect variations and my current teacher is one in a million.

After spending 30 minutes following along with youtube I was convinced. The muscles in my throat and mouth were exhausted. In less than a month the letters were memorized along with their vowels. Muscle development takes a little longer than memorization.

What made the short program effective for me was the progression from speaking single letters to single letters with vowels. After this, letters are combined from 2 upwards.

Additionally, the sequence in which the letters are presented seem to be based on exercising the muscles from the lower throat to the lips and back again.

For myself, I stopped at the point when it began teaching stretched vowels beyond a two count. Though if the musical singing aspect of the language is of great interest this would be beneficial.

My total time with it was a little less than a month and it provided what I needed to start reading aloud as quickly as possible.

There may be pdf's or slightly better version of the booklet. But I found the youtube class linked below to be the most interesting / engaging.

Happy learning everyone!

Noorania Booklet images (free) http://equraninstitute.com/qaida.html

Youtube instructor led classes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=894yolS1LCE&list=PL6qzEglvHszdO7eGitcmXnvdZi7ZeYhVj&index=1

August 16, 2019


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