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  5. "My homework is not finished."

"My homework is not finished."

Translation:ʻAʻole i paʻa ka haʻawina.

August 16, 2019


[deactivated user]

    The homework is not finished.


    why not 'a'ole pa'a ka'u ha'awina


    From what part of this sentence are we to assume "My"??


    Can someone explain to me the insertion of "i" after "'A'ole" please?


    The "i" after ʻAʻole is a negative past-tense marker (instead of present-tense "ua"). Unfortunately, when used with a stative verb (like paʻa), it can also indicate negative present tense. I would have used "pau" instead of "paʻa" to indicate the lesson is (or was) finished (or not). A haʻawina that is paʻa indicates that it has been learned well. For just doing homework, it would be better to say ʻAʻole i pau kaʻu haʻawina. ʻAʻole i paʻa kaʻu haʻawina suggests that I haven't really learned it well yet. And Ua paʻa ka haʻawina could either mean it has been learned or had been learned, depending on the context. Wow, did that help or just make it more confusing?

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    I'm with you- I'm really frustrated that this lesson seems to be using "pa'a" where I would use "pau." I kept getting them wrong until I figured out what DL was doing. A lesson that is finished isn't necessarily pa'a, from my thinking.


    Exactly. I think Duolingo needs more hawaian teachers to supervise these lessons. It does say 'my'


    Elsewhere it seems that 'a'ole changes the word order so that the subject comes before the verb (e.g., 'a'ole au i 'oka i ke kipi). So, here, why isn't it 'a'ole ka ha'awina i pa'a?


    For THIS particular sentence pattern, the word order changes ONLY if the subject is a pronoun. Common and proper noun subjects do not change position, but "ua" still changes to "i." Pronouns are one kind of Hawaiian word that always seem to look for a reason to move forward.


    Ahh ok. Mahalo!

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