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"Hold hands with your classmates."

Translation:E kui lima me nā hoa papa.

August 16, 2019


[deactivated user]

    Looks like "Hold hands with the classmates." I was thinking "your classmates" should be "E kui lima a me kāu hoa papa."

    [deactivated user]

      Or something close to that.


      Is the translation correct? As "hoa papa" is either classmate or classmates isnʻt "E kui lima me kou hoa papa" the correct translation? Am I correct in flagging it as it should be accepted?


      I think that just would mean "Hold hands with your classmate" (singular). For it to be plural, it would be something like:

      E kui lima me nā hoa papa ou.


      E kui lima me kou mau hoa papa.

      That said, it seems that in Hawaiian it's very normal for the article to be used by itself, such that the possession or relationship is implied.


      Right, until it's not! Maybe there's a rationale here somewhere but I haven't picked it up yet.


      e kui lima me na hoa papa ou


      That's what I put - why is that wrong? (Where is "your" in the sentence?)


      Lack of consistency between "nā" and "ko'u" being accepted, sometimes it's one, sometimes it's the other. It's really quite frustrating.


      E kui lima me kou mau hoa papa (accepted)


      Then why not ...nā hoa papa ou ?


      I get dinged when I use kou on this one then get dinged for failing to provide a possessive on another item.


      Once again, I think 'Olelo Hawai'i is less precise on the phrase and uses context for what would be obvious. Literally, "Hold hands with classmates." The "your" being implied in that you are one of the classmates.


      I think you're right. I tried:E kui lima ʻoe me nā hoa papa. and got the dreaded red screen.


      I keep hearing the "E" in these sentences being pronounced as a long "i" (eeee) instead of an "e" (eh) (if you can figure out what I mean by that....). Am I the only one who hears it that way?


      It just started. I hear the long "e" also. Really caught me off guard. I try to say it the right way whenever I hear it!


      No, in this case it's "eeeeee" (long E), not "eh" (short E).


      Interesting. If you come across it again, or if you know the sentence, can you please post it here? I'd like to hear it. Maybe it's in the audio files.


      It's all over. At least all the audios in the first four lesson sections - any sentence starting w "E". I'll try to make notes as I find them.


      Will do, but I don't know how to come back to this comment except by chance - is there a way to bookmark it?


      Yes. Click on the Following Discussion button at the top of the page.


      Even better! Thanks!


      If you follow anyone commenting on this post, then you should get an email when new posts are made. If you save one of those emails, you can get back to this thread.


      If you follow the discussion, you should also (at least on the web interface) have a tab in the forums to view all your followed discussions.

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