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  5. "اَلْعِراق مَكان تاريخِيّ."

"اَلْعِراق مَكان تاريخِيّ."

Translation:Iraq is a historic place.

August 16, 2019



For a previous sentence, i wrote "an historic", and Duo said i had a typo, it should be "a historic". Now for this one I write "a historic" and Duo tells me I have a typo, it should be "a historic". Both should be accepted without this little objection.


Iraq is a hitoric place*

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what's the difference in your sentence?


Twas different before, "an" was there instead of "a".


العراقُ مكانٌ تاريخيٌّ.


'An historic...' is wrong. It's 'a historic.. '

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Some dialects of English put "an" before "historic". I'm from Chicago and I do (though I'll admit it's a little rare here).


Yes. And good for you to talk of dialects. We all talk dialects. Some are held in higher esteem than others for no valid reason. What's the difference between a language and a dialect? A language is a dialect with an army.


good to know, is it just for this word? or any word that starts with H?

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Aside from the obvious ones like hour, herb, etc., this is the only one I can think of. E.g., I'd never say "This book is an history of Egypt." But "historic" gets the "an" and the "h" becomes silent.

Maybe it has something to do with the accent being on the second syllable of "historic" but not of "history"?


Nyarpy, no! Not herb!! That's purely American, sounds mad in English English. As I've said elsewhere, I think not pronouncing the H in historic/al feels pretentious to me, as if trying to sound French. But, I know, we don't pronounce the H in "hour"... There isn't much logic.


I got it, thanks a lot.

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Both "a historic" and "an historic" are fine. "An historic" is a little more dated now, but is still heard, at least where I live.

It does seem a little odd to have Duo tell me one of them's a typo though, particularly as it seems to choose a different one in different exercises.

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yeah it says "a historic" above.


In the exercise it says i have a typo and the correct is AN historic ! )))))))))


UK English "an historic" is correct.


"Iraq is AN historic place," is correct English. "A historic..." is childish and wrong. 20210228

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