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"Multiply two by three, get six."

Translation:E hoʻonui i ʻelua ma ka ʻekolu, he ʻeono.

August 16, 2019



what is with "ma ka 'ekolu" ? It would be helpful to have a "tips" section on math showing a pattern for all the math problems. This is a very frustrating section due to the inconsistencies.


Yeah, given the other examples and grammar of the other sentences, this one really sticks out as kind of out of the blue. Even if I get it right, I am pretty sure the next time I practice this I will get it wrong again. And again. And most likely never learn the general rule, even if I eventually learn this one specific sentence after who knows how many repetitions. Because I will just be guessing randomly each time, and will sometimes luck out and make the right guess, without having learned anything. We really need an explanation, some context, and some more examples of this form.


There is no pattern. There are multiple ways to translate the phrase but DL only accepts one of them. Which one at which time has no pattern and they are forcing you to memorize the particular form of the sentence for that one example. It's very frustrating and shows a lack of support and care for this section. I don't think there's much of a priority assigned to it.


click on "by" and it tells you to use "me". Use "me" and get the red screen.


I don't understand when to use "i" and "ka" in these sentences and when to not use them.


It depends, both when giving order nor statement of a equation and not.

E hoʻonui i ʻelua ma ka ʻekolu, he ʻeono = Multiply two by three get six.

ʻElua hoʻonui i ka ʻekolu he ʻeono = Two times three is six.

Notice some difference or so in the two specific sentences?

A good way -if not the best- to remember this stuff is by writing them down and mark where the changes are. P.S lawe (minus) and puʻunaue (divided) are similar to each other.


Mahalo, e Auhaele.


Haha, i thought I was going to learn a new word with auhele so I looked it up and found it means to sail about without any fixed Direction. Then I noticed you capitalized it, and then I noticed it was the name of the person you were replying to! Except that it's not – her name has an extra A in it - Ha ! And is the name of a star. (Very nice


It does seem "me" was used in another sentence instead of "ma ka" so it is confusing when to use it or not.


I used "me" instead of "ma ka" and got red screen. everything else was the same.


In this set, sometimes for "by" it makes you use "me", but here you gotta use "ma ka" or you get red screen.


Perhaps the "me" indicates "and" in this situation? And therefore not conceptually correct? Hmmm.


E hoʻohui i ʻeono (me) ʻelima he ʻumikūmamākahi. vs E hoʻonui i ʻelua (ma ka) ʻekolu, he ʻeono. ???

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