"Multiply two by three, get six."

Translation:E hoʻonui i ʻelua ma ka ʻekolu, he ʻeono.

August 16, 2019



I don't understand when to use "i" and "ka" in these sentences and when to not use them.

August 16, 2019


It depends, both when giving order nor statement of a equation and not.

E hoʻonui i ʻelua ma ka ʻekolu, he ʻeono = Multiply two by three get six.

ʻElua hoʻonui i ka ʻekolu he ʻeono = Two times three is six.

Notice some difference or so in the two specific sentences?

A good way -if not the best- to remember this stuff is by writing them down and mark where the changes are. P.S lawe (minus) and puʻunaue (divided) are similar to each other.

August 16, 2019
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