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Why do you study Arabic?

Please tell us "why do you study Arabic?" or "What is good point for Arabic?"

August 16, 2019



Well... I study Arabic cause I enjoy the writting system and the cuture


Arabic is an language which is needed to be respected even is you don’t now, some people might think of you in a bad way every language should be respected ,smile and be happy ö


I study arabic because of my heritage. My father's family comes from Algeria.


Hi ....... I am also an Algerian I was in France ...... good luck


Thank you. I am a native Spanish speaker and it is a hard path to do but I need to. Greetings from Mexico.


i study arabic because i want to travel in the middle east and communicate with the local people. however, i come to know that they all speak their own dialects instead of MSA, which is what i am learning right now. this kind of disheartened me. i don't know how useful my MSA will be when i am traveling.


They will understand you 100% but they will automatically think you're 1) A foreigner 2) Weird. But don't worry gaining an accent/learning the dialect will be very easy once you're there and communicate with local people.


oh, cool. thank you. i am not worried that if they think that i am a foreigner or weird as my appearance would betray me before i even open my mouth.


As someone who speaks 3 different Arabic dialects, I can assure you that people will most likely understand what you're saying. The reason for that is that in most Arabic-speaking countries, most of the population has read/memorized the Quran, which is in MSA, and are therefore familiar with the dialect.


alright, thank you


Hello ........ I learn to learn the Syrian language and classical Arabic and will communicate with you all the Arab people ........... I am also an Arab origin ......... good luck


I am a Muslim and I can already read the Quran so Arabic alphabet/pronunciation is not a problem for me. We also have some Arab shops around where I live so maybe one day I'll have the courage to start a conversation with them in Arabic.


Hello, I study Arabic because it is my mother tongue but I was living in ... France .. So I would like to learn it ....... It is also very easy ..... Good luck

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Arabic is a beautiful language and it is also spoken in a lot of countries that I would like to visit.


Yes, of course


I'm studying it because there's so many different Arab speaking countries, similar to why I'm studying Spanish. Also, I have lots of friends and family that are Arabic speakers, so I have lots of tutors - makes it easier.


I'm learning the top 10 most spoken languages in the world and Arabic is one of them. Plus I love the writing system.


i study because the writing is fun, and it's a growing demand in the USA.


Hello there :) I study Arabic mostly because my sister in law is Moroccan and I'd like to be able to understand and communicate with her and the rest of the family more easily (well, she speaks french so we can communicate quite easily but the rest of the family don't). Also, I've always wanted to learn new languages and Arabic is an interesting one as it has a completely new alphabet to discover.

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