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A good way to remember Arabic vocabulary.

I am new to Duolingo and am very interested in Arabic. However, learning Arabic vocabulary is very difficult for us who are used to English. Have you ever devised a way to learn Arabic vocabulary?

August 16, 2019



Hi! How are you?

I'm from Brazil, I'm studying English, Arabic, French and Spanish... and I know a mobile game... that you can learn Arabic Vocabulary!

Its name's 'Learn arabic vocabulary game'.

But It's a mobile platform app! (Of course, you canuse it by phone)

You can look for it and download on Play Store, and It is free!

It was nice to meet you! I hope have helped you!


Valeu pelo conselho, João. Here 10 linguots.


There may be a way there is this thing called Quran360 which teaches you proper Arabic, smile and be happy


i need help in english .


I tried to create a list of words I already saw on quizzlet to practice them, based on an earlier post with the words. Though I am very limited with computers I managed and was surprised quizlet recognised the Arabic words. He proposes me tests to write them but only gives me the normal letters, not the signs that make a short lettre etc. If I can solve that I can make the list public if interested.


I use the same technique as I have used for other languages: word association. For example, دجاج = chicken, and the start of the word sounds a little like "dish", so I just picture a chicken dish and that's enough to get me started on the word. ممتع = fun, and it sounds a bit like "mum-tia", so I imagine having fun with the mother of someone called Tia. After 10-20 or so practices with a word (which involves laboriously having to conjure up the image or memory of the association and then work out what the Arabic word is from that) I find that my brain makes the leap automatically and the word is learnt.


Creating pictures (in your mind or on paper) is a good way to remember Arabic words as it is, and really understanding what the word is. Its like a kid watching cartoons; they wont completely understand every single word the characters say, but through expressions and repetition, it will get into your head and be hard to forget. Hope this helps!


teach me English and i will be also in arabic

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