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  5. "Are you in Beirut, Mike?"

"Are you in Beirut, Mike?"

Translation:هَل أَنْتَ في بَيْروت يا مايْك؟

August 16, 2019



What's the proper conversational version of saying how's it going?


Sorry, iean whats the conversational version of asking this question. I think this is a formal way?

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well.... usually in dialects and in every day speech ... we depend on the tone to ask the question and we cancel هل (hal) article.

and of course if we are talking to someone we would not necessarily mention their name in the question as well


Do I hear "ant" instead of "anta"?

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It is there. However, it is possible to say "ant" sometimes, specifically when the word is at theend of the sentence (unless the question is dedicated to a female, then we have to say "anti" and typically the last vowel "i" is kept)

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