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  5. "This is my husband Mohamed."

"This is my husband Mohamed."

Translation:هٰذا زَوْجي مُحَمَّد.

August 16, 2019



Mohamed is a religious name

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it's a common name. Anyone can be named with this name.


هذا زوحي محمد this is what I answered and I got it wrong... I do not see why?

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maybe Duolingo is counting the diacritics (harakat) as part of the answer.

if it does that this is really catastrophic i guess because we usually don't write them in our daily writings.


Duolingo punishes those who make the effort to type the answers by requiring a very special sign on the هذا and هذه. The Alif Khanjariyah. A practically never written tashkil that nobody actually knows or cares about and which is not even available on the keyboard. It is possible to copy the correct answer after getting it wrong once and then paste the weird word every time a hatha or hathihi is required. My guess is that the implementation of this absurdity is the merit of an MSA nerd who set up a monument to himself here. May Allah have mercy with him. more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabic_diacritics#Alif_Khanjariyah

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They still do that??? People are complaining for months about this Alif and still not removed? This is really ridiculous


Doulingo only changed it to a point where you only get a typo warning.


This particular question STILL requires the input of the Alif Dagger.

Other have been fixed, but this one still requires the diacritics

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Report it - maybe it will get their attention


No more (2020.09.29).

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