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"The food in Mohamed's restaurant is good but expensive."

Translation:اَلْأَكْل في مَطْعَم مُحَمَّد طَيِّب لٰكِنّ غالي.

August 16, 2019



In MSA, لكن precedes a clause. So it needs to be لكنه غالٍ. Especially that you put a shaddah on the final nun of لكن.


Could you please clarify your point here?


They wrote it طيب لكنّ غالي. It should be طيب لكنه غالي so that the word "laakinna" has a full sentence after it: "The food is delicious but it is expensive," because that's what the word "laakinna" needs to work. If instead of "laakinna," they just said "laakin," لكن, without the small fork on the final letter, their Arabic would have sounded informal and not standard, but it wouldn't have been as bad as it is now. As it is now, it is not acceptable Arabic.


Why isn't مطعم definite (المطعم) here? Isn't "Mohamed's restaurant" a specific one?


We don't say "Muhammad's the restaurant" in English either. The word مطعم is definite in this sentence, but not because of having al- precede it, but because it is possessed by Muhammad. That alone makes it definite; we don't need to add anything.


I also wrote المطعم in the sense "the restaurant of Muhammad". Doesn't مطعم مهمّد mean "a restaurant of Muhammad"? I am confused


In Arabic, being possessed by something definite automatically makes the possessed thing also definite. "A restaurant of Muhammad's" is a thought that can't be expressed in Arabic except in a round-about sort of way, like by saying "أحد مطاعم محمد" ('one of Muhammad's restaurants') or something like that. Saying "restaurant of Muhammad" automatically means "the restaurant of Muhammad." Saying المطعم محمد means "The restaurant is Muhammad," since Arabic wouldn't ALLOW you to put the definite article on something that's possessed. Oh, and it's محمد, not مهمد, by the way.


What is the difference between الأكل and الطعام ?


In google translate restaurant is اَلْأَكْل


Im sure they are using words that are new but not highlighting them: but, restaurant....


The right answer was already there.


The following arrangement should also be correct, meaning The food of Mohammads restaurant is good... اكل مطعم محمد طيب


I had the words correct - why was it marked incorrect?

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