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"The dog is tired, praise be to God."

Translation:اَلْكَلْب تَعْبان اَلْحَمْدُ لِله.

August 16, 2019



This is a sentence that every parent can appreciate. Just replace dog with child.


What an awful thing to say! Even if the doggo is being naughty, you should enjoy every moment of it! :'(


Would love to hear your impressions and observations after having done 10+ of practically every language. Have you written about this somewhere? Send a link!


On a healthy atmosphere no one thank God for a dog being tired.


It depends on the situation. If someone is chased by a dog and the dog gets tired then that person can say "Praise be to God". Because the dog has stopped.


Just how badly did the dog tear up the house this morning to inspire this practice sentence?


The dog started chasing the robber as he jumped over the fence of the private compound, the dog ran after him all across the courtyard for a lengthy chase before the thug jumped back over the fence, he decided to break in through the other side this time and when he did, he noticed the dog resting on the other side and exclaimed in a whisper "The dog is tired, praise be to God"


Why is good for the dog to be tired?

[deactivated user]

    'Cause it kept barking


    It is a non sense. We can't use al hamdoulilah with tired. It means that we are happy that the dog is tired


    What does this sentance mean ?


    I dont understand how to type the very last part

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