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Double or Nothing frozen

For the past week my Double or Nothing feature has been stuck, frozen at "Day 0 of 7", even though I've been active every day since starting it. The feature has worked for me in the past. I noticed there are past discussions on this but from many months ago, so perhaps this is a new glitch. Anyone else / any suggestions?

Edit: I just finished a lesson for the day and was awarded the lingots for keeping a 7 day streak, so it must still be processing it. The button is still greyed out though at "Day 0 of 7", making it so I can't click on Double or Nothing to buy it again.

Edit #2: The browser I'm using is an up-to-date Google Chrome. I also use my iOS7 iPhone to practice, and when I practice there it still does not process the Double or Nothing day. I've only practiced on my iPhone today and it still reads "Day 0 of 7" in the browser, same as when I use Google Chrome.

June 15, 2014



Hi jusquici,

I'm not part of the tech team (see blue rings w/white star for staff and tech), but it will help them if whenever you post to Troubleshooting, you include what operating system and browser you're using when you encounter the error (for example I use windows 7/firefox). Or if you're using an app, which platform you're on when it happens.

A quick question, when you say "active every day" do you mean you've signed on or that you've successfully gained at least 1 point each day while being connected to the internet? I ask because Double or Nothing works with the Streak feature. Here is info for how the Streak works: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Streak

EDIT: you have a 93 day streak so you probably know all of that, and I imagine it should have worked. Hopefully tech will have an answer. :)

Good luck! ^_^


Thank you! I'll update the post with my browser type. I've been active with at least 10xp a day :)


Each session I try will not allow me to pass the last question. The screen freezes at that point?


What browser are you using?


Google Chrome over here. Should I practice on Safari or another browser to see if the frozen Double or Nothing occurs there? I also use my iPhone (ios7) to practice, so it's not processing from there either.


The same thing is happening to me. I updated my iPad yesterday and got two sessions through, but have just had to abandon a session on the last question.

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