“Speaking Basics” Hebrew course: beginning on August 18th.

Some people here may be familiar with Alisa Zingerman’s Hebrew Street and “איזה סרט זה?” and the occasional one-on-one lessons which she has offered for free in the past, in the Duolingo Forums. For those here who are looking for a guided lesson approach in learning how to speak Hebrew in real-time conversations, Alisa is offering a 3 month Speaking Basics Course that begins on August 18th.

She is an enthusiastic teacher who loves to teach and encourage students who are looking to move forward in their Hebrew language acquisition. I have enjoyed both private and group lessons with her, and recommend her creative approach for learning languages. I think it is well worth the monthly cost, which is less than what is requested from most iTalki teachers for the same number of lessons.

If you’re interested in taking a look at her website that describes the Speaking Basics course, here’s the link again:

Disclaimer I am not receiving any compensation for posting this nor has Alisa asked me to do so.

August 16, 2019


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