A massive thanks for Arabic!

Firstly, I agree that the Arabic course needs the improvements that have been mentioned throughout the forum.

I've just set my Arabic tree to level 2, and can say it is helping me re-learn the basic Arabic I learnt years ago on a beginner's course, as well as new words.

In such a short time it's brilliant how much I've revised and learnt, but now I'm going to slow down my pace in getting the golden tree as I feel more confident in tackling some of the children's Arabic books I recently downloaded from the Kindle store.

So a massive thanks to everyone who made this course possible, and for building up my confidence to pursue my goal of being able to listen and read in Arabic ❤.


August 17, 2019


I've just discovered Duo Lingo and the Arabic course. It has restored my flagging confidence! I've been learning Arabic for about 4 months, first with a friend then at a local community centre class. I've just dropped out of the class as the others there had all been studying Arabic for years at Quran school and I was falling further and further behind. The class was billed as for beginners, though I was told that I would need to know the alphabet and read simple words before starting so I made sure to do this, but I was way behind the others from the start and not given any help or advice, but expected to be able to read in front of the class. I bought additional books and did a lot of work on my own between classes but could not catch up. I got very disheartened and lost confidence in my ability. I'm now studying on my own and discovered Duo Lingo this week (last time I'd looked Arabic wasn't on offer.) I've realised just how much I do know. I'm planning to enrol on a course at a local college, starting next month. I'll carry on using Duo Lingo too.

August 17, 2019

That's a great achievement - congrats and happy continued learning! :-)

And I fully agree: The course gives me confidence, and I am looking forward to updates. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

A massive welcome from an Arabic man.

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