Reflexive pronouns

could someone please explain reflexive pronouns to me? my flemish speaking friend taught me: myself - mezelf yourself - jezelf/uzelf himself - zichzelf herself - zichzelf itself - zichzelf ourselves - onszelf yourselves - jezelf themselves - zichzelf

i cant seem to find much on google, but what i did find taught me different words. i am confusion. any help would be greatly appreciated :)

August 17, 2019


If you are looking through Google for examples in Dutch try: "wederkerende voornaamwoorden". If that doesn't get Google to stear toward Dutch sources, try changing the settings of Google to look for hits abroad.

But first try these two sites, both with a decent (...) amount of examples and clear explanations:
Hear Dutch (Click)
(Never mind the dated feel, there's a lot of information here.)
And of course: Dutch Grammar (Click)
(Note: this is still just a http unfortunately, but it is a valued source.)

Alternatively, type "reflexive pronoun" in the DL Dutch forum search box. I think you will find quite a few threads about it.

August 17, 2019

that's right. other reflexive pronouns would be himself, herself, itself, and yourselves. in romance language, 3rd person usually would be se or si.

August 17, 2019
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