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"هُناك شَنْطة كَبيرة في بَيْتي."

Translation:There is a big bag in my house.

August 17, 2019



There is a big bag at my house. In the context of the sentence, the bag is in or at the house is the same. How do we say in Arabic "at my house" so that we can distinguish between in my house and at my house?

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if inside the house: في بيتي (in my house)

if near the house or in same location as it is: عند بيتي (at my house)


Thank you, Shoukran ya T J. :)

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So هناك won't sound weird to be used in this kind of sentence? Because all this time I thought it was only meant to indicate something "further away", but here it resembles more of English's context of the word "there"

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Well, (Hunák) has a direct and simple meaning of (there). Mainly a locative meaning (i.e. to specify a location). So, it can be used as in English to point the existence of something. Also, we have the verb يوجد (yújad) which translates as (it exists) which can be used alone instead of (Hunák) or even with (hunák). But typically we would like to keep things shorter so it is better not to use them both.


Theres some bags in this house theres some bags in this house

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