Red fish?

"poisson rouge" means "goldfish" but was translated to "red fish", is this a correct translation in English?

July 23, 2012


well, this is one of the pitfalls of computer translation. I just remember that poisson rouge is gold fish but use red fish in order to bypass it when translating but keeping in mind it is gold fish

There is "Blackened Red Fish". Maybe we get the blackened later.

No, "red fish" is not a correct translation. But "poisson rouge" can be used informally in French to mean: "I'm kidding you", rather like we would shout "April Fool!" in English. I'm not sure how widespread this is, as I can only recall it being used by one native French speaker from Orleans. Maybe Duolingo are just fooling around by giving the translation as "red fish", rather than "goldfish". "Poisson rouge!".

"April fools" is "poisson d'avril" in French. The idea of "poisson rouge" to mean "I'm kidding you" is new to me, but reminds me of the expression "red herring" in English.

It's probably because they were using Dr. Seuss' "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish" as a practice sentence.

"red fish" would translate into "(du) poisson rouge". So it's not wrong, but it's probably not what was meant.

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