All the nouns in this noun class are inanimate objects. While this is true for all other noun classes other than M/Wa, some patterns, however unreliable at times, are observed, e.g. a good number of fruits do fall into this class.

Like most noun classes in Swahili, not all nouns will adopt their noun class prefix Ji in their singular form, but they do take on the prefix Ma, or sometimes Me, in their plural

Singular Plural Translation
Jino Meno tooth
Jina Majina name
Jiwe Mawe stone/rock
Jeraha Majeraha injury/wound
Embe Maembe mango
Daraja Madaraja bridge
Ua Maua flower

Some adjectives, like their noun counterparts, do not adopt the singular prefix Ji, but they take on either Me- or Ma- in their plural form.

Singular Plural Translation
Jeusi Meusi black
Jekundu Mekundu red
Bichi Mabichi raw/inexperienced/green
Gumu Magumu hard/difficult
Baya Mabaya bad

For nouns in this noun class, the affixes Li/Ya are adopted. In some cases, the affixes are Ji/Ya. Because this is a broad application, these nuances will not be covered here, but as always you are welcome and encouraged to try out different sentence construction in the comment section, and ask additional questions.

Note: the preposition "of" will always be in the form la (singular) - ya (plural)

August 18, 2019


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