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"أَنا رانْيا وَأَنا جَوْعانة جِدّاً."

Translation:I am Rania and I am very hungry.

August 18, 2019



The word given for hungry does not have the ta marabuta, but it marked my answer wrong- I have not learned how to fill in words in Arabic yet!


Just checking : is it "jaw3aanta jidda" or "jaw3aanatan jidda" ?

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the audio is not saying it right at all

the word itself is wrong in fact ...... it should be جائعة (já'i3atun) or if you like (jaa2i3atun)


Because of the nunation it sounded to me like i am iranian and i am very hungry, i presume the arabic word for iranian is similar?

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For me here (on PC) the audio sounds like: aná ránya wa aná jaw3án jiddan (which is wrong already, because Jaw3án is masculine).

However, I know your problem because I've seen it before with the name (Rosa) where the machine spell it as (Rosan) because the machine is thinking this is Tanwin fatH (i.e. -an nunation). This is wrong of course.

The proper pronunciation for this sentence would be: aná rányá wa aná jaw3ánatun (bad choice of a word) jiddan. [I would exchange jaw3ánah to já2i3ah جائعة].

As for Iranian, in Arabic that would be: إيراني (2írániy).


I think bad English grammar


And arabic grammer aswell. Its not right either way -_-


What is with this app and its terrible grammer for bothe languages. Lioe seriously. Who pooked at this and said "yeah this seems right"

Im actually tring to learn smth and this app is driving me crazy


this is how you do an introduction

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