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Arabic - Option to disable lessons about Arabic letters

I believe some of us who learn Arabic already know how to read arabic letter from Alif to Ya. Most muslim have learned how to read Arabic letter since childhood.

Could you please add option so we can skip letter during learning and practice? Thanks

August 18, 2019



You can test out of sections and individual skills, right up to Crown level 5. No need to have a an option to skip lessons, just show Duo that you know the material.


Unfortunately that is not correct. In the Arabic course the lessons about characters are completely mixed with lessons about words, sentences and grammar. You will find them in all skills and all levels.

You cannot check out lessons about characters without also checking out lessons about words and sentences.


Yep, what's being requested is already there.


أتذكر للآن أن في السنة الأولى من عامي الدراسي الأول أثناء الطفولة،،،لم نتوقف يوما عن دراسة الحروف...


For goodness sake duolingo I have moved to memrise because you are not listening to feedback on the arabic!!! give the option to skip arabic letters! those that want it they have the option to leave the arabic letter training!! this could have been a really good learning excercise! for now I shall pass!

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