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  5. "Maʻalahi ka papa i kēia lā."

"Maʻalahi ka papa i kēia lā."

Translation:The class was easy today.

August 18, 2019


[deactivated user]

    The class is easy today.


    Where is the indication this is past tense "was"?


    Why not "Ua ma'alahi to indicate past tense? Or is ua only used when referring to an action?


    I left out the "the" which I accepted (grudgingly :) ) until I got to a following lesson that translated "pa'akiki ka papa i keia la" as "Class was hard today." So next time I will report my "Class was easy today" as correct!


    This time I put the lesson is easy today and it was incorrect. Not sure why class is not the same as lesson? Or is it because of is versus was, in which case I still don't understand.

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