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  5. "क्या तुम आज जाओगी ?"

"क्या तुम आज जाओगी ?"

Translation:Will you go today?

August 18, 2019



why क्या here ? in previous तुम परसों स्कुल जाओगे there is no क्या !


'तुम परसों स्कुल जाओगे।' is the statement 'You will go today.'

Adding the क्या in the beginning turns it into a question, 'Will you go today?'.


Shame on me... thanks


Don't feel too bad about it. In spoken Hindi, we could just use 'तुम परसों स्कुल जाओगे' without the क्या as a question (by changing the intonation).


Whats the difference between जाओगी and जायेंगे


जाओगी (feminine)/जाओगे (masculine) are the forms that go with तुम and जायेंगी (feminine)/जायेंगे (masculine) are the forms that go with आप.
In addition, जायेंगे/जायेंगी are also the forms conjugating with third-person plurals and हम.


Vinay92 thanks a lot for help. My question is why is tum... jaogi and not jaoge.


You use jaogi if you're speaking to a woman and jaoge if you're speaking to a man.

If क्या तुम आज जाओगे? was not accepted for this question, you can report if you see it again.


Then why is correct tum jate ho for bot sexes ? why is not for females tum jati ho and for males tum jata ho?


For the present tense, 'tum jate ho' is the masculine form and 'tum jati ho' is the feminine form.
'Tum jata ho' is incorrect.

For conjugations for the 'you' words, note that तू conjugates exactly like third person singular, तुम conjugates like plurals with some differences (हो instead of हैं, different future tense endings etc) and आप conjugates exactly like plurals.


I'm trying to do the lessons by listening and not reading, as my main goal is to be more conversationally fluent.

This sentence sounds to me more like "क्या तुम आ जाओगी". Would a typical native Hindi speaker slur the two "J" sounds together like that?


The TTS pronunciation (in this discussion. I don't know if it was different in the exercise) is how I would say it. I can detect a brief pause between the जs.

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