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"He is your son and he is amazing, Samia."

Translation:هُوَّ ابْنِك وَهُوَّ مُمْتاز يا سامْية.

August 18, 2019


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Where we use ibnik and ibnak

August 18, 2019


Away from the lousy recordings on Duolingo, and away from the dialects (because in dialects there is no care for grammar usually).

Originally. The word is (ibn).
Nominative (as a subject of a sentence): ibnu (tanwin required when the word is indefinite sometimes and would become ibnun).
Accusative (when the object of the sentence): ibna.
Dative (or when after a preposition): Ibni.

the possessive article (your) is (-ka) to a male and (-ki) to a female, and they are not affected in this case by the status of the word itself. So, in the sentence above, the correct pronunciation must be (ibnuki)

A side note: the audio is really REALLY awful. One or two words are correctly said and the rest does not make a sense.

August 19, 2019
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