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"كَيْف تَعُدّ مِن ١ إِلى ٥ يا مايْك؟"

Translation:How do you count from 1 to 5, Mike?

August 18, 2019



''min vahidin'', ''ilaa khamsati''...


Considering the overall trend in DL of spelling out the names of numbers and discouraging the use of numerals, doing just the opposite in the Arabic course goes against the grain. Sometimes using the spelled-out Arabic number names is accepted, often it isn't. For the "fully-baked" version, it is hoped the designers will add the complete names to the word list, otherwise opportunities are wasted.


It seems particularly stupid to have only the numbers written because it's too easy to translate them by the English number, without paying attention to the Arabic name. So we're not encouraged to learn the name.

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