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  5. "Il fiore è giallo."

"Il fiore è giallo."

Translation:The flower is yellow.

August 18, 2019



Sounds like e is missing in the first speech. Is this common in actual spoken?


If this sentence was spoken at a slower speed, you would distinctly hear the last -e of fiore, which has a close sound, followed by è, which has an open sound.
At normal speed, the change in sound of the 'e', and its longer duration are still perceivable, albeit not too clearly.


No, it's not missing.
The "e" has doubled : " Il fioree giallo"

Otherwise you would have :
" Il fiore giallo " -> "The yellow flower"


Il libro giallo is of course...


I'm sorry, I don't know "the yellow book" ... I only have "the black book".

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