I'm sorry for the post yesterday about articles. It was misleading and I had been too tired to think clearly about what I was typing. I also hate that it sent like 17 times. I hope you forgive me.

August 18, 2019


Hello Joy :-) Please don't worry - although I was the one who posted something like "Please remove the superfluous posts!", I never thought that you did it intentionally; I thought of the multiple post as an accident.

With regard to the content, I can't comment, but I think that we all are learning, we may sometimes be mistaken, but this is part of our learning process. Nothing wrong. :-)

I am glad that we have our native speakers who share their perspective to improve our learning.

All the best, and happy continued learning! :-)

Thanks for being understanding. I didn't mean to post it so many times. The internet here is bad.

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