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  5. "عَن اَلْقِراءة"

"عَن اَلْقِراءة"

Translation:about reading

August 18, 2019



This doesn't make any sense in English??? I tried reporting, but there isn't an option for that. Does it even make any sense in Arabic?

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I see you are doing many languages on Duolingo. Is it the first time you see non-sense sentences from Duolingo? we see them all the time (i think they are probably part of real conversations from movies or books). I was surprised when I started with Duolingo 2 years ago but now... I just get a long however non-sensical that might be


I think some sentences might be weird, but this one doesnt really help to understand the use of these words, nor the meaning of the sentence itself. It need context at least.


This isn't a sentence. It is just a phrase.


But this isn't a sentence, TJ_Q8. It's a perfectly good phrase. We've often had phrases. And I think it's useful of Duolingo to give us little exercises where we can't use the context as a crutch. You may like to know that "nonsense" doesn't have a hyphen, and the phrase is "get along", not "get a long", which is in need of a noun for the adjective to modify.


I believe the goal is to show you how it kught appear in a sentence or phrase.


Would "about the reading" be completely off? I figured (but forgot) the al- is used to refer to reading in general, however is there another word for THE reading?

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As a native, I'd say your answer is OK. About reading, the reading, it all might be translated the same in Arabic. The meaning would be conveyed more precisely within the context.


What is your book about? ... It's about reading..

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