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"She carried her bag on her back."

Translation:Ua hāʻawe ʻo ia i kāna ʻeke ma ke kua.

August 19, 2019



"Ua ha'awi 'o ia i ke 'eke ma kana kua" should also be correct. Why would we choose "her bag" over "her back"?


Body parts are always O-class, so it would have to be kona kua.


I'm wondering why you are not given TWO possessives choices. It says HER bag on HER back. I know it can be inferred, but the exercises are inconsistent.


I think it is because the literal Hawaiian translation does not sound very good in English, and vice versa. If you say ke kua in Hawaiian, it sounds fine. They know it is your back and not someone else's back. If you say "the back" in English, you will get weird looks. Throughout these lessons, there are several other examples. Slippers, cousins, friends can all exhibit this property of an assumed possessive.


Understood. But why is it not ke ‘eke — and it is implied it is her bag?

[deactivated user]

    She carries her bag on the back. I know. The possessive is understood.


    Can someone explain to me which situations require "lawe" and which require "ha'awe" please?


    Hā'awe is to carry.
    Lawe is to bring.


    AH! Mahalo nui - I didn't get that before. Clarifies a lot!


    hā.ʻawe 1. nvt. To carry a burden on the back, pack; a bundle or burden so carried, backpack. See ʻawe 1. Nā hāʻawe kaumaha (Isa. 58.6), heavy burdens. hoʻo.hā.ʻawe To have something carried on the back; to load on the back.

    lawe 1. nvt. To take, transport, carry, bring, haul, fetch,...



    except https://hilo.hawaii.edu/wehe/?q=lawe says,

    "lawe — Pukui-Elbert, Haw to Eng, 1. nvt., To take, transport, carry, bring, haul, fetch, undertake, accept (as a duty), make off with, acquire; portable; bearer.

    Examples: Lawe ʻana, carrying, transportation."

    So I reported it and I guess we'll see if it's accepted? (or maybe a kumu can explain why it's not right?)

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