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"Apakah dia menjawab pertanyaan Anda?"

Translation:Did he reply to your question?

August 19, 2019


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why is wrong "did he answer to your question?"


You phrase is not standard English.


The verb "answer to" means be subordinate to, or have to explain yourself to, a person; you can't "answer to" a question, you answer to your boss, for example. Often as a threat, "He'd better not such-and-such or he'll answer to me!"


Just to clarify: the only thing wrong with AntsLuuk's translation is the word "to", since "answer" takes a direct object not an indirect object (in this sense of the word). "Did he answer your question?" is perfectly correct.


Is 'did he answer your question' accepted?


apakah menjawab dia pertanyaan Anda = “what is his answer to your question”.Am I correct ?


No, because "menjawab" is a verb not a noun. The noun is jawab or jawaban.


Thank you for your help ! Sometimes one struggles with a problem and is not able to see the obvious solution .A helpful hint is all it takes ! Many thanks to you and the other learners/teachers who make the “forum duolingo” a most valuable part of my learning experience.


why won't this accept "Has he replied to your question?" ?

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