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"لَيْسَ هُناك مَشْروب في شَنْطَتي."

Translation:There is no drink in my bag.

August 19, 2019



sorry, but should it not be "anything to drink" in English? I am German and my English is very bad, sorry, but I would never say: "Do you have a drink?" but "Do you have something to drink" or "I have nothing to drink..." or "I do not have anything to drink in my bag" Am I wrong ?


Depends a bit on context, as so many do. If someone had just sworn there was drink in your bag, you could open your bag and say, "See? There is no drink in my bag."


No, that would be : "ليس هناك أن شرب في شنطتي"


Same question here.


Hi Sabine :) a good question, but you have to remember that this is DUO Lingo. There were numerous times when I had sentences that were constructed to reflect the intended "learned language" rather than English, where you are coming from. Try to think of it from "Arabic Sentence" point of view, rather than trying to make "English sense". I've had the same issues while learning German, which I've completed twice ;)


Thank you furat-A :-)




I think that a lot of these English sentences have been written by people who aren't native English speakers: they tend to be very literal translations of the Arabic. In this case, "there is no drink" is sort of OK, but sounds very formal, and would be just wrong in many situations. "There are no drinks" would be much better. Now "There are no drinks" and "there is no drink" are semantically the same, so neither of them should be incorrect. But the "acceptable" one is forced on us by Duolingo. And it's an over-literal translation of the Arabic. We would be marked down if we translated English literally into Arabic: why can't the people who develop these lessons be more aware of context and idiom?


What is the difference amongst مشروب٫ شربand شراب?


I think the first one is the noun, and the others tgat you mentioned are verbs.


It is illegal to drink alcohol in some countries in West Asia (Middle East) expect Jordan, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus(part of Europe), Armenia, George(Country) and Azerbaijan


Thanks for the general info, but I'm sure you meant to say Georgia. Just thought I'd point it out :)


useful in several situations


Get out of my bag and go home, Ibrahim.


Its same "no drink" and "isn't drink"


Why do I hear "shamPatii" instead "shamTatii""? And you?


Perfect..now i know how to respond at the customs checkout

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