Why is it that I loose a heart if I choose both translations of a sentence that only differ in their punctuation??? One has a semi-colon and one has a period instead. Unless I am mistaken I thought in English they are interchangeable, is this not the case in German?

7/23/2012, 2:18:57 PM

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Yes, if you have two separate sentences, you can divide them either by a semicolon or a period in German. If that was the case, I don't see why the translation was marked as wrong. Do you still remember the sentences?

7/23/2012, 2:45:54 PM

It has happened to me on few different sentences I think. But the last one, if I remember correctly, was: Die Katze ist schwarz; es ist eine schwarze Katze / Die Katze ist schwarz. Es ist eine schwarze Katze. In the color section, lesson 4.

7/23/2012, 2:56:39 PM
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