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  5. "This is good milk."

"This is good milk."

Translation:هٰذا حَليب طَيِّب.

August 19, 2019



When did "طيِّب" start meaning "good"? What happened to the appropriate translation "جيِّد"?


you are right good = جيد

but طيب word it's slang we say it for food or drinks only ...


From my limited understanding both exist in Modern Standard Arabic and at least some colloquial dialects. جيِّد is more likely to refer to something that is of a high quality, whereas طَيِّب is more likely to refer to something that is enjoyable (and delicious when relating to food).

It's a useful distinction because the word 'good' in English has such a broad meaning.


Thanks, Andrew. Would Tayiib also qualify eg the smell of a rose, the feel of velvet, a lovely melody, beautiful scenery, etc.?


Or is it primarily food, like вкусно in Russian. I say "primarily" and not "only", because if course any word can extend its range

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