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  5. "SIrgh yIjuv!"

"SIrgh yIjuv!"

Translation:Measure the string!

August 19, 2019



I have a very hard time with this form of question, I have alot of troble spelling correctly, is there a way to turn them off


These sentence discussions are tied to the translation pair, but that translation pair is used in many different kinds of exercises, so we can't see what kind of exercise you were doing. It sounds like you mean that you don't like exercises where you have to type instead of picking tiles or choosing from multiple choice sentences. Exercises where you have to type become more common as you go up in crown levels, but I don't know of any way to turn them off. Maybe just move on to the next Skill and come back to this Skill when you are in a situation where you can go slow and be careful with the spelling.

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